Sunday, March 11, 2012

Feels Like I Could Fly

Usually for a girl's 16th birthday one would ask for a car...not so much for me! For my 16th birthday I asked for a long board :) Best decision ever! My brothers bought it for me and I am loving it so much. And me (being the klutzy person I am) can surprisingly say that I haven't fallen once!

I'm somewhat of an adrenaline junky...which explains why I love being a long boarding is another factor to satisfy my adrenaline needs :) I feel like I'm flying when riding the long board!

Today my brother and I rode around our neighborhood for a good hour and 15 minutes! It was perfect outside! I'm so glad spring is starting!

Here are some photos of my awesome stuff:

And here's a video of my brother and I from our ride today:

Hope you guys have a lovely week to come :D


  1. Awesome board! Cool video :)


  2. I hope you had a lovely time on your birthday! That board is amazing :D