Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ABC Blogroll!

So, quite a few of the blogs I read have been doing this so I decided to do it too :) There are some letters that I have two because I couldn't decide on my favorite! So...Let's begin!

A is for A Fine Day For Sailing
This little blog is ran by Islabell and she has the cutest posts and don't get me started on her outfits! She a definite must read blog in my book!
a fine day for sailing
B is for Blooming Leopold and Busy Bee Lauren
Blooming Leopold has a fabulous blog with the cutest clothing posts! And her etsy shop is to die for! Talk about genius clothes designs! If only I could by everything...
Busy Bee Lauren is ran by Lauren and is so amazing at thrifting! I am sooo jealous :D And also, her and her husband are just too cute!

C is for Colour Me Fashion
This blog is ran by one of my best friends Elizabeth. I helped her start her blog and designed the banner on the top :) But, she's in marching band which literally takes over their lives so her blog has been pretty quiet. But marching band is almost done so pretty soon her blog will be up and running! Make sure to keep checking on it!

D is for Delightfully Tacky
The girl who runs this blog is also named Elizabeth! She is newly engaged! She has great style and it's fun to read her posts :)
E is for Emmadimes
Let me just say. What a lovely blog! One of my favorite things about her blog is 'Lovely Ladies' it's so clever and cute! Make you you check it out!

F is for Fancy Treehouse and Flying a Kite
For Fancy Treehouse words cannot describe how jealous I am of this girl! Her clothes are so beautiful and I'm in love with her look :D Again this is another store I wish I had the money to buy everything from!
Flying a Kite is ran by Amy! She is a great writer! and I am in love with her pictures! Their so cute! And have you seen the header? Too adorable :D

G is for Green Grass and Black Clouds
Such a cute person! I like how she designed her blog and her outfits are just adorable!

H is for Here Comes the Sun and Hummingbird Girls
Here Comes the Sun is ran by this lovely girl named Amanda and she is also the reason why I started blogging! She inspired me so much :) She also has some posts from her husbands and I think that that's just so adorable!
Hummingbird Girls is ran by Jennifer and Annalise and they love vintage and thrifted finds! So adorable!

I is for Influence
And her blog is just that! It's such a cute blog and if you haven't seen it before you should!

J is for Just Us
Lindsay is the person who runs this blog and blogs about her family! I love these kinds of blogs :)

K is for Kertiii
She is so pretty! I stumbled on her blog and it's so cool! Take a look see!

L is for Let's Talk Trunk
Another new blog to me. Ran by three girls and I thinks it's just so adorable! The title is perfect and so are their posts :)

M is forMuch Love, Illy
I will start this with...FILIPINA POWER!!! I'm a Filipina if I haven't told you guys so I love that she is too! (Well not completely but still) She's such a cutie!
N...I don't know any blogs that start with an N :P

O is for Owl vs. Dove
She posts some of the coolest things I've ever seen! You totally need to check it out!

P is for Polli
Her blog is so lovely! She recently went on a trip and showed us a lot of her pictures! It was really cute :)

Q...Haha...nope don't know one

R is for Rockstar Diaries
Another cute family blog! I love them!
S is for Selective Potential and Sunday Morning Sugar
Selective Potential is ran by Tieka (what an awesome name) And she blogs about her style and adventures that her and her husband go on <3
Sunday Morning Sugar is ran by Malori and it was her birthday a few days ago! She also picked me to be one of her free sponsors on her blog :) She's adorable!

T is for The Flower Girl and Tick Tock Vintage
The Flower Girl is a blog about a girl with her wicker basket. How cool! I love her style so much! I wish I could dress like her :D
Tick Tock Vintage is again another girl I wish I could dress like! She is just so cool and her style is impeccable!

A blog featuring different young bloggers! What a cool idea :) for nothing...cuz I don't know one haha

W is for Wunderlust
She is so gorgeous! Her pictures are so whimsical which is always very inspirational to a photographer!
Karin anyone knows one I'd be impressed.

Y is for Yours Truly
I literally stumbled upon her on stumble upon! It's such a cute blog! Her style is also awesome! Again...I wish I looked like her :)
Z...ze end haha cuz  I don't know one.

If you guys know some blogs I'd love to read the ones you suggest to me!


  1. Aww *_* Thank you for putting me on the list dear! You are a darling :)

    And you have some of my favorite blogs on that list too. It's amazing!

  2. Oh geez. This is totally overwhelming. Must check them ALL out. Thanks!

  3. thanks for the list!!! Wait how do I follow your blog? I want to but there's no button on the side :) let me know!

  4. Thank you for the kind words about my blog!

    And also thank you for always visiting mine and leaving me the nicest comments :) You are so sweet xx

  5. what a lovely idea for a post. Now I have some new blogs to visit :)

  6. nice! i'm now going to sit down with a cup of tea and browse them all :) maybe next time a is for Or w is for :)