Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Touch of Class

At the high school I go to show choir is a sport. We have a humongous choral department and we have 2 competition choirs. One is an all girls group called the Accents, and the other is a co-ed group called the Ambassadors. If any of you watch the show Glee, Vocal Adrenaline is actually based off of my high school's co-ed competition team :) Every year all the kids in the choral department audition for a chance to be a part of the competition choir and let me just say...the competition in my high school is cut throat! I am proud to say that I am now a member of the Carmel High School Ambassadors 2012-2013 :D

There are 25 guys and 25 girls. Only 6 girls in my grade made it and I am one of those lucky 6! When I got my letter my heart was pounding! When I saw the little symbol on the top of my letter showing that I was in Ambassadors I dropped to the ground crying! I know...dork moment :) Here are some photos of the my celebration for getting into the choir! And trust me...there's more celebration to come haha!

Also, just a warning...for the last 2 years of my high school career you will be hearing a lot about show choir on this blog just because it becomes a big part of a kid's life :) Hopefully you guys won't mind all the glitter and glamour that comes with a show choir kid haha :D

Oh yeah, it's also my Spring Break this week! Great start to a Spring Break I'd say :)

 Me and my letter! (It's going into a frame!)
 A cupcake that my best friend bought me as a celebration present!
 Celebration dinner with the family! :)

Hope you all have a very musical week!


  1. Ok! I just followed you sweetie, hope you follow back!:)

  2. Congrats Dear! I am in choir so I know how big of a deal this is! So proud. Precious blog as well!