Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sing With Class

So remember when I told you guys that I would be bombing you with a lot of show choir posts and what not for the next two years?'s starting :)

Last night the Ambassadors 2012-2013 had their first meeting! It was in introduction night to the upcoming Ambassadors! It was quite the experience. It was so much fun hanging out with friends and talking about how fun the next two years are going to be.

Words cannot describe how excited I am for this show choir! To be part of a legacy this big and important is a dream that only a few students who go through CHS get to be in. And I'm even lucky enough to get to be a two year member!

If you are a fan of anything musical or show choir related you have to look up the Carmel High School Ambassadors on Youtube! You'll see the previous years and see how amazing they are! Like I haven't said it enough but I'm just so super excited to do what I love to do and compete with it :D

Ambassadors 2012-2013
Learning the group chants
My 'big brother'
Me photo-bombing
kids from B.A.G. (choir i'm in now) who got into Ambassadors
Ambassadors next 6 junior girls
My dancer partner this year :)
Our amazing choir director!!!

Hope you all have had a great day!

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