Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!!/Spring Break: Instagram Style

I want to start off this post saying one thing: HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!! I hope everyone has God in their hearts today and knows that everyday is a blessing and miracle! I also wanted to share something that my church shared with me this morning. 

"Belief in the resurrection settles 3 issues"
1) God can provide for you when you have nothing left.
2) You have a calling to discover despite your failure.
3) You have a future hope even though you're afraid of it.

Just something for everyone to think about, you know :)

On to the actual post: 
I had a very relaxing Spring Break for once! Usually I'm in the midst of a show and I'm busy with rehearsals and such but this year was nice! I was able to sleep in and just take a week for myself :) There wasn't that much to do really but relax.

Things I did:
- Finished setting up my recording studio
- Hung out with friends (and tried on creepy masks)
- Made homemade waffles with my brother
- Visited my brother in Bloomington and hung out in Nashville
- Made top hat cookies for my choir next year (my brother decorated) 
- Finished my dress with my mom and wore it to Easter service!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter Sunday :)

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