Saturday, January 21, 2012

Oh! Well...Hi!

So...I kinda lied to you guys last time when I said I had time to blog :P But it was completely unintentional! Sometimes you just have to focus on school and the show I was in more than other things so sadly I had to stop for a while. But luckily (and this time I mean it) I will be able to come back to the blogging world! And I'm so excited because I have seriously missed you guys dearly :)

I'm so excited for 2012! It's a new year and a new experience! I'm sure it's going to be great because now I get to have great grades, awesome friends, and an AMAZING blog!

I have some photos to kinda show the things I've been up to lately :D Have fun!

And a sneak peek from my next post...

YUP! I have finally been to my dream city! NYC!!!

So how was all of your guys' holidays?!?!?!

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