Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Sentimental Moment

So tomorrow I start my senior year of high school! It's crazy to think of how far I've come and how after this year I'll be going off to college and starting a new stage of my life! And then I look back on the past 3 years I've spent at the school. And how the first two years were spent being an awkward outgoing kinda chubby girl who wasn't completely comfortable with herself and the past year was spent coming to conclusion of who I am and what I wanted to become and embracing my awkwardness and using it to my advantage. And now with a better taste in style, change of attitude, new dreams, and about 20lbs lighter here I am! finally who freshman me dreamed of being and, more importantly, finally someone I am completely comfortable being.

I can't wait for the adventures to come this year! From going to football games, taking people's senior photos, going to Europe, and having  my senior prom, this year is going to be full of amazing memories! I'm planning on recording big moments of this year to see the journey I've been on and having something to look back on! Kinda a little documentary thingy to work on!

And of course with every new year comes goals! And here are a few of mine:
- Follow through with the documentary
- Make myself more known for my photography
- Get college credit for the college courses I'm taking
- Score high on my SAT
- Get accepted to BSU
- Actually finish writing one of my books
- Get nominated for Prom Court (hopefully)

I hope you all have a great day! And if you're starting school again what are some of your goals?!

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