Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Round Up

We woke up early this week to get to the Farmer's Market and explore and wander and enjoy all of the surroundings! The weather was nice and warm and everything looked and smelled wonderful! After all the walking around we left with two dozen Dad's Corn and Blueberry Preserves! So excited to utilize those!
What I Wore:
Collared Owl Tie Top ~ Forever21
Maroon Short Jersey Skirt ~ H&M
Black Wedges ~ DSW
My friends and I decided to have a pudding fight! Yes, you did read right! A pudding fight. A legitimate fight using pudding by throwing it at each other. And it was such a blast! So, after 10 boxes of pudding mix we prepped in our bathing suits and went at it!
And that concludes the end of my adventure of a weekend!
Hope you all had fun weekends as well!

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