Friday, July 5, 2013

Planning a Little Romance

Lately I've been obsessing over three things...
1) I want to become a better cook
2) I want to have a romantic dinner with Cason
3) I want to make my backyard look pinterest/kinfolk like

So what does 1+2+3 equal? Me planning a pinterest/kinfolk looking romantic dinner with Cason where I cook the appetizers, main meal, dessert, and drinks! But...this is where I need your help...I'm trying to find delicious recipes that I can make completely by myself that is in my level of difficulty...which I would say is "upper beginners" help would be lovely from you all :D

Anyways, here are some photos and recipes that have been inspiring me lately!
If there are any recipes you know of and could share I'd love to know!
Do you have any fun plans ahead?
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Great selection of pictures - I love the summery garden pictures. :)

  2. hey cute girl! you won a giveaway on my blog! check it out and email me!