Sunday, December 23, 2012

Time to Breathe

Time to Be whatever I please,
Time to Relax for hours,
Time to Exhale all the stress,
Time to Appreciate the Lord in power.
Time to Transform ideas to reality,
Time to Hold love ones dear,
Time to Encourage freedom we  now have,
Time to BREATHE is here.

I finally have it!
Being a junior in high school while also being in photography and being in Ambassador on top of my school work, in which I take two AP classes and advanced math, time is little to none! But luckily I'm on winter break now and I can finally breathe! With my finals done, Holiday Spec over, and school completely out of my brain I can catch up on my own photography, this blog and hopefully I'll catch up on all the hours of sleep I've lost!
In only 2 days it'll be my all time favorite holiday! CHRISTMAS!!! Words cannot describe how excited I am! But, the hardest part about not having a job is getting presents for my family...didn't get them exactly what I wanted to get them but I still got them things they would enjoy :) It's going to be nice just relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate and my family. This is one well needed break!

Hope you all have a great winter break and a Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. thanks for the comment girlie, merry christmas! x