Tuesday, November 6, 2012

And So It Begins...

(These photos are all taken, developed and printed by me in order of being made)

My passion has been photography for a very long time now but up until this year I was never able to do the whole process of developing and printing by myself. Thankfully I've finally had time in my school schedule to take the class and it's been such a blast! I've already had one of my photos up on the wall of fame! It's one of the best classes I've ever taken and it's definitely secured the idea in my head that photography is something I want to pursue in life. If follow me on flickr you've seen these before and if you don't well go check me out and I'll probably as you as a contact back because I don't have that many haha :) 

I know I'm still an amateur and there's a lot for me to learn but how do you all think I've done so far? And do you have any tips for what I should do in the future (besides dusting because I know they're all pretty dusty haha) I'd love to know what you all think!

Hope you all have had a fabulous day!


  1. great! always a good trade to learn!

    Stop by for a visit,

    Lydia from Vintage2Vogue


  2. Oh! i really like your blog and followed you as ''makyaj7-24'', i'm waiting for you to follow me back, kisses:)

  3. i love taking photos as well! lovely pics. :) followed you dear, i hope you follow back! love lots