Monday, October 15, 2012

The Hunger Challenge

Have you ever put yourself in someone else's shoes? Not just thinking about how they would be going through something but actually putting yourself in their situation? In the weeks that I've been absent from blogging I've become more involved in my church. Right now we're in a series about the six broken places in the world: Separation, Injustice, Hatred, Isolation, Broken Bodies and Minds, Decay.

We're on week two of the series and this week focused on the injustices and the systems of injustice in the world. Many of which include how much of the world is in poverty and have a hard time being able to feed their family let alone themselves. My family and I are taking part in a four week challenge to better understand what people in poverty have to go through on a daily basis and to put us into their mindset of what it truly means to be hungry and to give back. So this is what I'll be doing along with my church these next four weeks:

  • Week 1: Rice and Beans - eat rice and beans everyday and donate unused money
  • Week 2: Food Stamps - live off of the food stamp budget and donate unused money
  • Week 3: Green Bag - fill up a food donation bag and bring it to church
  • Week 4: Prayer 
If you're interested you can check out my church's website and can join along in this journey if you want!
Hope you all have had a great day!

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