Monday, October 22, 2012

Something About the City: Chicago

There's something about the city that keeps me wanting more. I can't begin to describe the energy and power it gives me to be in it. There's a feeling of panic and frenzy within everyone on the street. They're all moving forward, moving with such purpose and drive.
Yet, there's this feeling of freedom, being able to be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. All the different routes and roads you can take, but it doesn't matter which. It'll all lead you to the same destination. And senses explode in every street.
The distinct stench that hits you like a wall, almost rotten, but becomes bearable and normal after a while. The crisp air that hits your face as you walk and the blast of warmth when you step into a building.
The sounds of the city street: the clanking of heels mixed with the silence of flats, sirens blaring, cars honking and halting to stops, different languages spoken, conversations not meant to be heard by others, and people begging for help white others sit there in silence, and street performers waiting for any sort of money to be dropped for them.
And lastly the sights: with the people varying from rags to riches in just one passing, the buildings reaching as high as my dreams, and the artworks both on the street and in the buildings from unknown artists to glorified geniuses.
This is why the city never gets old. This is why the city is always alive. There's a constant speed, a heartbeat, that will never stop.
This is why I love the city.


  1. love this post. feel like i'm in chicago*though I never been in US*

  2. Aw, this is making me miss Chicago! Great shots, girl!
    xo TJ